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Buy puppies from the Interior lines of authentic Brazil with a pedigree of the FCI.

Excellent pedigree

The pedigree puppies figuring ancestors fila brasileiro best in the history of Brazil : www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnCrHoiJtYc


ARIA BAHÍA ONCA- ( Quasar do Araguaya x Bahía La Rosalejandria ) X TRIAS BR DA SANTA LUZÍA- HD 0/0, ED 0/0 ( Mancha BR da Santa Luzía x Bela ML da Santa Luzía ), both CAFIB and FCI breeding parents. Successful exhibitions CAFIB and FCI.

ARIA - Exhibition:

2011 - ONCEIRO/CAFIB - dogs 3-6 months - 2nd place

2012 - ONCEIRO/CAFIB - dogs 12-18 months - 2nd place, best temperament 1-2 place.

2013 - ONCEIRO/CAFIB - dogs  24 months and older - 2nd place, winner best head, winner the best temperament.

2014 - ONCEIRO/AMFIBRA - dogs 24 months and older - 2 nd place, winner the best temperament.

Trias (1x CAJC, Res. CACIB, 3x BOB, 6x CAC, 6x CACIB, 1x Czech Club Winner, Club Winner Germany 1x, 2x Experios winner - Slovakia 2013 and 2015)

Exhibition ONCEIRO / CAFIB - year. 2010 - males 12 to 18 months - 1st place. The second best head of exhibitions, winner of the best temperament.
2011 - dogs 24 months and older - 2nd place. 3rd place for the best temperament

2011 - Alicante/CAFIB (Spain) - winner the best temperament
2012 - dogs 24 months and older - 1st place
2013 - dogs 24 months and older - 2nd place, 3rd place for the best temperament

2014 - dogs 24 months and older - 1st place, The best dog of the show and first place in the competition for the best temperament together with Aria Bahía Onca.

October 11, 2014 CAFIBE Alicante- Elche (Spain) temperament test winner and 3rd place in the category dogs over 24 months.

ARIA BAHÍA ONCA - MORE INFORMANION: www.bahia-onca.cz/andra-bahia-onca/

mother - Bahía La Rosalejandria carries blood best profiles the history of Brazil from the most prestigious kennels: da Boa Sorte, do Amparo, Itapuá, de Jawa, do Engeho Velho, do Hisama.

Bahía La Rosalejandria-exhibition of CAFIB. the year 2008-1.place in the category of females 12-18 months.
2009 -3. place in kategoriii over 24 months
2010 -3. place in the competition for the best temperament. -OTIMO
2012 - the only temperament OTIMO


Mother of Bahia -  Abaúna Anavi Rachilem, who is the daughter of the first authentic profiles are provided in the Czech Republic the year 2002 (OGUN RONI DE CONAL KENNEL x HADA DE LOS TRES NARANJOS)
His father inherited Ogun OUTSTANDING TEMPERAMENT A distrust all strangers, which then forwards the descendants of !!
Ogun Roni de Conal Kennel - dog imported from Colombia-old bloodlines recognized kennel da Boa Sorte dating back to the beginnings of registered breeding.
Ogun is a legend today, by far the best fila in temperament with us, three years consecutive winner in the competition for the best temperament. Highly rated Brazilian breeders, exhibitions Excellent.  Ogun is the father of  female FCI World Champion in 2002 


Abaúna Anavi Rachilem - shows CAFIB

the year 2004- 1st-temperament- CAFIB- referee Luis Fernando Zanetti Coeli (Brasil)
2005- 3rd-2nd place in temperament and phenotype - judge and breeder CAFIB- Carlos do Amaral Filho Cintra (CAIC) (Brasil)
2007- 1st-temperament- judge, breeder and founder CAFIB- Airton Campbell (Brasil)
Mother Aria - Bahía La  Rosalejandria is the granddaughter of females imported from Spain - Hada de los Tres Naranjos - her pedigree goes back to the legendary dogs from the interior of Brazil, Hercule (gold medal CAFIB), Leao, Lord,Marta . Her pedigree figure two legends Brazil 90 years.


The father of Aria is an imported dog from Brazil - Quasar do Araguaya - www.bahia-onca.cz/stenata/

- originating in the Kennel do Araguaya from the best existing blood line-Araguaya-which combines the authentic blood profiles from fazend, from the beginning to the present registry: Parnapuán, Radonia, Lord and Marta from José Gomes, Colina, Araguaya, Parque do Castelo, da Boa Sorte, Engenho Velho, Aracé Poranga.

Kennel Araguaya belonging to Mr. Américo dos Santos Cardoso Jr. Américo is already a living legend, eminent experts judge CAFIB for fila brasileiro .Fila behaves over 30 years.
Without exception judged solely by the standard CAFIB interest fila brasileiro.Jeho reports have extra weight for any Filar the world.


Father of puppies - TRIAS BR DA SANTA LUZÍA

 - imported from Brazil dog kennel da Santa Luzia (https://www.filagoiano.com.br/) from the city of Goiânia. This kennel is one of the best and most successful kennel in Brazil today.

This kennel was also declared the most successful kennel in Brazil. Currently in recent years from this kennel comes Mancha da Santa Luzía is a Brazilian champion of 2010 and the best sire CAFIB 2010. Champion  Brazilian  2010 and 2011 Isis da Santa Luzia and champion  of the temperament test 2010 and 2011. The best breeding female Brazil Linda da Santa Luzia and the second best female Lia da Santa Luzia.


-Mancha BR da Santa Luzía is a Brazilian champion of 2010 and the best sire CAFIB 2010 is a descendant of the best profiles are provided Brazil:

- Famous Nagan do Amparo, which is CAFIB Brazilian champion (1993 and 1994) and the best sire CAFIB 1994/95/96/97

Hena do Amparo ( mother in Nagan) - Champion CAFIB (1994)

-Fábula do Ibituruna - quadruple champion CAFIB (1986/87/88/89), her sister Fada do Ibituruna is CAFIB Champion (1990) and three-time winner of the temperament test (1989/90/91)

- Jaguar do Itapua - three consecutive years champion CAFIB (1997/98/99) and  three-time winner of the temperament test. (1997/98/99)


Mother Trias - BELA ML DA SANTA LUZÍA - Female phenotype very good and excellent temperament. These properties without exception, passing it on to their offspring.



2010 - 3rd place in the category over 24 months, 3rd place best head Exhibition, 3rd place for the best temperament.
2011 - 1st place in the competition for the best temperament.

Kennel da Santa Luzia breeding dogs since the beginning of the registry CAFIB

Both parents of the puppies and their ancestors met the tests of temperament, nervous system and distrust of strangers.


CAFIB - guarantee of authenticity and tested nature.

Serious candidates can try nature of all our Dogs Puppies grow with us ... in the family.They socialized, chip with the EU passport (pet passport), dewormed and grafted to the appropriate age.


More photos and videos can be found on Facebook : Kennel Bahía Onca

Tato fotogalerie je prázdná.

Tato fotogalerie je prázdná.

Fotogalerie: Trias br da santa luzía

Pedigree Trias, Certificate CAFIB - approval for breeding !!!

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